For Avantgarde | Luxury iPhone Battery


The most exquisite battery case

Elegant design in every detail

Don't carry any heavy power bank, charge your iPhone while walking in the street! 


How to does it work?

  1. Charge the battery of the case.
  2. Put your iPhone inside the case and long press the button.
  3. Walk out and enjoy the day!

  • Protect your iPhone and charge it simultaneously - it is not only a unique charger, it is also a case that will efficiently protect your phone from breaking.
  • Made to last - made of high quality material, it is made to last longer than your iPhone itself. The luxurious look meets a slim battery that is light to carry.
  • Easy to use - three simple steps. Charge the case itself, when full put your iPhone in it, open the door and go enjoy your day ! 


Customer service

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