Protekt® - shoes cover dispenser

Covers included

PROTEKT® - automatic shoes cover dispenser

Keep your floors clean from dirty shoes. Stay safe and stop your visitors from bringing any dirt, bacteria or virus indoor. Cover your shoes and help reduce any risk of contamination.

No one likes cleaning up after dirty shoes. It’s constant work to keep a home or office clean, when the great outdoors make their way inside. Fortunately there is a device perfect for protecting your flooring from dirt. Using a Protekt® shoe cover dispenser is an easy way to keep your floors looking perfect after guests leave.

automatic shoes cover dispenser protekt

STEP & GO - Just step in, pull and you’re ready to go, no need to bend over to put the cover on. Protekt® automatic shoe cover dispensers come with 100 refill covers. It’s a time-saving and hassle-free way of covering the shoes of workers and guests to your business without forcing them to bend over and put the shoe covers on manually.

Your employees can quickly cover their shoes when entering customers’ indoors and easily remove it when they leave.

For Workers, Hospitals, Schools and Cleaning Services Professionals- It is a great option for businesses that need shoe covers readily available for guests and workers, put at every entrance doorway on the ground. Your workers won’t have to take off their shoes, i.e.: if you are a painter concerned with dripping paints on new carpets; a cleaning service professional, a hospital patient or a factory worker.

automatic shoes cover dispenser protekt

How it works:

  • With your shoes on, step on Protekt® automatic dispenser and a disposable cover will automatically be mounted on your shoe. All of it hands-free and without bending.
  • Place a Protekt® dispenser at every entry door so you can easily slip on a new shoe cover every time you enter an office, hospital or home.
  • No more wet-dirt shoe prints on the floor.

Installing a Protekt®, enables you to dramatically reduce the amount of filth and grime that is tracked into the house, particularly those that can permanently stain expensive rugs and carpets.

automatic shoes cover dispenser protekt

HANDS FREE - Shoe cover dispenser works on a mechanical spring, it will automatically release a bootie around your shoe when you stand up the center of the dispenser. 

Useful for factories where it's important to maintain cleanliness - preventing workers from tramping around dirt and filth onto the factory floor.

CLEAN OFFICES when it RAINS- when it rains out, people begin walking around in dirty and muddy sneakers all around the office. With Protekt® shoe cover dispensers, there is a lot less cleaning to do and consequently you don't have to pay for janitors and carpet cleaners.

FITS ALL SHOE SIZES - Durable and cleverly designed, Protekt®and its covers are made to fit any shoe size, sticking around the ankle without the risk of falling.




  • Cleaning services professionals.
  • Factories and food production facilities.
  • Construction workers.
  • Hospitals and medical offices.
  • Shoe shops.
  • Residential environments.
  • Day care and child care facilities.
  • Primary schools.
  • Salons and Spas.

What you will receive:

1x Automatic shoe cover dispenser

1x User manual on how to place the refills

1 year guarantee

100x disposable cover refills

automatic shoes cover dispenser protekt

FAST & FREE SHIPPING- Receive your Protekt® automatic shoe cover dispenser in 7 business days with 200 free shoe covers.

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